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Welcome by Boele's Place!

Boele's Place is a motor hotel, bunkhouse and campsite located in the Westerwald, Germany. In 2001 we started in the small hamlet of Sart in the Belgian Ardennes. In 2013 we moved to this beautiful location in Heimborn-Ehrlich in Westerwald, Germany. The Westerwald occupies parts of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Both Sauerland and the Eifel are less than 80 kilometres from the Westerwald. The environment is characterized by a particularly motor-friendly climate and beautiful routes.

​ You can stay with us on the campsite, but you can also opt for an overnight stay in our hotel. You can choose from the quadruple rooms, a cozy double room or a peaceful single room.

​ Whatever choice you make, all overnight stays includes a delicious breakfast buffet. The buffet offers you fresh bread rolls, cheese, cold meats, sweet condiments, fresh quark, fruit, eggs, cereal, cucumber, tomato, orange juice and unlimited coffee and tea.

​ Every evening we offer an extensive buffet with something for everyone. For example, you can think of fresh cooked vegetables, salads, potatoes and of course meat or fish, but also lasagna, potato gratin or even an Indonesian buffet.​

On Saturday is our regular barbecue night, where you can enjoy at least 3 different salads and 7 different types of meat for an unlimited time!

You can pay cash or debit card.

We have WIFI.

NB: Book in advance via the website, e-mail or telephone.

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