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Many nice trips can be made in the Westerwald. We have listed the best ones below.​

Die Erlebnis-Brauerei 

The Erlebnis-Brauerei is the brewery of the Westerwalder beer brand "Hachenburg". In the brewery a tour will be given, including beer tastings, a beer tapping course and brewing your own beer.​

Westerwald Museum

The Westerwald museum is the perfect museum for motorcycle enthusiasts. A large collection of motorbikes is shown.

Cadillac Museum

The Cadillac museum has a large collection of Cadillacs. The entire museum including café is decorated in the style of the 50s.​

Grube Bindweide

Grube Bindweide is an old iron mine that can be visited.​


Elmores is a “biergarten” in a beautiful landscape. Beautiful copper works can also be admired here.​

Limburg an der Lahn

Limburg an der Lahn is a beautiful old town, where many half-timbered houses still stand. The city has many restaurants. The oldest detached house in Germany can be admired and an adventurous walk ends at the Dom of Limburg.​


Hachenburg is a beautiful town in the immediate vicinity. Here as well, many half-timbered houses can be seen. In Hachenburg you can also visit the Landschaftsmuseum. The Landschaftsmuseum consists of 8 houses where the old lifestyle can be admired.​

Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay

The Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay is a suspension bridge between Mörsdorf and Sosberg. The bridge has a length of 360 meters and can be crossed by foot or by bicycle.​

Heisterberger Weiher

The Heisterberger Weiher is a water park where you can swim. There is also a climbing wall and trampoline on the beach.​

Dreifelder Weiher

The Dreifelder Weiher is also a water park. The Dreifelder Weiher is larger than the Heisterberger Weiher.​


The Nürburgring is the famous race circuit in Nürburg. This circuit is used for Formula 1 among other things. Nowadays you can go there for a backstage tour or a trip on the circuit.​


The Loreley, known for the legend, is a high rock of 132 meters high. The Loreley can be climbed. At the top you will be surprised by a beautiful view.​


The Biggesee is a large artificial reservoir. You can swim, sail or surf in the water. Around the lake is a nature reserve where you can walk, cycle or ride a horse.​

Geysir Andernach

The Geysir Andernach is the highest cold water geyser in the world. The geyser can reach a height of 30 to 60 meters. The geyser is located in the Vulkanpark, a geopark.​


Barfußweg is a barefoot path where you walk barefoot over a path with different textures. The path includes wood chips, pine cones, natural stone, pebbles and grass. After the walk your feet can relax in the wonderful mud bath. During the walk you will walk through a varied nature area.​

Garten der Schmetterlinge

The Garten der Schmetterlinge is a beautiful butterfly garden where many species of butterflies can be admired. It is possible to buy a combi ticket at the butterfly garden. With this you can also visit the nearby castle of Sayn.​


The WesterwaldSteig is a hike of up to 253 meters long. This hike is divided into 16 stages, each with a start and end point. The hikes vary from 10 kilometres to 18 kilometres.​

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